This page is about the design of the boat. This has been an interesting and labourous part of the job. It would be really nice (and a lot easier) just to take a standard plan and go with it. But I am a bit of an adventurer when it comes to design and I am developing a design that can at least communicate what i want to designers.


One response to “Design

  1. Yes, if you have a good designer/builder/owner relationship it can work well. Our boats were designed with many variables, to some scepticism, “can’t put a single motor on a (motor) catamaran” etc. But between the lot of us we came up with something new that has been vy succesful for the boat builder, for us and for the bums on seats 🙂
    And we did a fair bit of work on our ‘own’ MV Trim, (I even did some welding on the hull!) and input on internal layout – nothing like you are doing, but I can understand the satisfaction from the time and work that you are putting into it. That first day when you eventially get out on the water is MAGIC! So go for it!

Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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