3 – Build facilities

Here’s a doco I got from puremajik

Tent shed
Here are some sketches of the two different sizeed building facilities.

OOPPPs ...its on its side...but you get the idea. The hached area is the area required to fit the hull.

This is the big shelter needed for when I build the bridgedeck

April 2012
Finding a spot to build the boat will not be simple. I have thought about this long and hard and have come to the conclusion that to get a suitable rental spot will cost around $300 per week at least and quite frankly I would rather put that money into the boat. So I am now looking at splitting the build into phases and move the boat post each phase.

First phase:- building two hulls to a point where they are finished as much as possible before building the bridge deck;

Second Phase:- Build the bridge deck and get the boat fitted out enough to be a motor boat;

Third Phase:- fit out of boat to be a sailing boat;

The first phase requires an area of 20meters by 5 meters under cover. In order to keep costs as low as possible I plan to build a temporary structure along the lines of PureMajik’s shelter. Search for the name and you will find their blog. I bought their plans for the shed and have modified it to suit my needs. There are many examples of these simple steel tube and custom made tarps around various blogs on the web. As usual this presents a few home life challenges. The area that I plan to use has some trees on it but more importantly has a vegi garden belonging to the father in law…(they live with us). So I am waiting for the right time to move this. Negotiations are pending 😉

When one hull is completed I will move it into the back yard area and start on the next hull.

Moving the hulls to the Second phase build area will be a challenge but doable. I need to confirm with a moving company but I believe its as I have seen large trucks dropping off roof-sheeting and those trucks are longer.

Regarding the second phase build requirements, the covered area is 20m by 11.5m. This is a challenge because wherever I go will need a door that is 9m by 4.5m. Not easy to find, and expensive, even more so near the water. I had serious thoughts about clearing some more trees out of the way and building here but I really think trucking it out of here will be close to impossible. So I am now looking for farm sheds or farm land close to the main road where I can get a cheap lease for a temp shelter. I have done the prelim design on the shelter and dont think there will be a problem building a suitable structure. SO right now the idea is to get access to a small piece of farmland, put in a generator and build the bridgedeck and fit out there.

The third part is the sailing fitout. My plan is to do this on the water. There is a marina close by that I can get a mooring for about $20K a year. At this stage this will become part of the maintenance ownership costs and will be budgeted for differently.

Will add pictures and drawings as i go.


3 responses to “3 – Build facilities

  1. Hi Mick, as far as a build facility goes have you looked at a Shelter Station?
    See http://www.shelterstation.com.au/
    I had a verbal quote from them for a 12m x 16m package for $20k. That is their standard 12×12 model with two extra ribs. You can get end doors etc for them as well. Up here in Far Nth Qld you don’t need development approvals for temporary structures so you can put it anyway you can fit it in. Plus you have a secure lockup workshop right there in the container. You can also sell it at the end of the project!
    I am still in the planning and budgeting stage of building a Dix470 Cat. I will be following your progress with interest. Maybe even get down to visit you one day.
    Rgds, Jon E

    • Hi Jon
      Thanks for the comment, appreciated. Yes the shelterstation (type arrrangement) between two containers is what I am looking at for the Bridgeeck phase of the build when I need the full width (have to find the appropriate land yet. For the hulls I am doing that part of the build in a long simple tent arrangement here at home in the back yard.
      Speaking of that I hope you have found Kevs 470 build site…(www.dix470.co.uk). Unfortunatly I sent some people on a wile goose google search calling it a DH470, mine is a DH550, but the name is a Dix470. Anyway Kev is a good bloke and is getting stuck into it really really well. The photos on his blog have helped me no end with sone details I was not sure about.
      So between the three of us we should all have our share of making the mistakes ;))

      Again, thanks for dropping by, its actually really nice to have comments coming in.


      • Hi again Mick,
        Yes I found Kevin’s blog on the Exocetus build a few weeks ago. Very interesting and helpful.
        I had a bit of negative news from the bank the other day. Nothing serious but it means I probably won’t start the build for another year or two. Frustration.
        I am also going to build a dinghy first to warm up. I have chosen the Unicat by James Btrett (a Kiwi) see http://www.brettmarinedesign.com/ He is stretching the design from 2.4m to 3m and beefing up the stern to allow a 10HP outboard for me. I expect the revised plans any day now. Then I can start work. Yay! I am envious of your progess so far. Keep it up!
        Rgds Jon E

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