6 October 2011
OK, like I mensioned the stern has been a pig of a job so I have continued on with other work until I figure out how to do them.
I ahve trimmed the bulkheads to their shape and started decking the model out. Today I started to cut out doorways in the bulkheads. Beginning to get further definition.

31 August 2011
Have now fitted the bows and started to shape them to suit. Its beginning to look like a boat!! The stern blocks have been glued and I will start shaping them soon. That is going to be fiddely work and is goign to take a chunk of time…but hey…thats the joy of it.


27 Aug 2011.
Have now turned over the model and started to replace frames with bulkheads. This is a very interesting process removing the hull from the frames and getting the bulkheads to play nice.
Its coming along nicely.

This page captures the development of the model and ongoing changes as it progresses.

20 August. Its been pointed out to me that I am writing this upside down. I should have hte latest notes up the top. so starting from now they are. I have finished both hull structures and started the filling part. Thats akin to the high build that will be shaped to a smooth finish for painting.
Hope you like them.


22 July 2011
So to date I have built the base board and put on the frame stiffeners. A few of the frames have been cut out but it has been too cold to finish them in the garage. I will post progress photos this weekend.

2/August 2011
So the model has started. Here are some photos.

The Process to date.
Enlarge photocopy the plans until they are close to 1:20. Choose the planes for the stations. Measure off the stations and freehand draw the stations. Cut the frames out. Plot station locations onto base. Screw Frame stiffeners onto base. Screw frames onto Stiffeners. Fix up the horrible discrepencies between frames as much as possible. Lay keel board to decide the centreline as best I can.
I have oput in the buld balsa order and will be starting to develop the hull sides with a combination of “panels” (wide balsa) and strip planking (narrow balsa) Just FYI, I’m using 3 mm balsa becasue it is the best combination of bendability and strength. See you soon again.


8 August 11 – BALSA
The Balsa arrived last night…wooh..hooo! have to go and get some PVA today. Will start posting more pics as the build gets underway.

10 August 11 – Some photos of progress added at the top.

15 August 11 – More progress photos, starboard hull closed.

One response to “Model

  1. What a good idea to make a model first! It will give you an overall view as the main boat progresses, and keep you focussed and motivated when having your head stuck inside the fwd hull you lose sight of the ‘Aisling Mhor’ – good luck! đŸ™‚

Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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