A wonderful day

Today we epoxyed and taped half the hull and I am very happy with the outcome. HOWEVER long term readers will note the WE I used in the sentence. Today Trace (my wife) and I worked on the boat together…this was a great step forward in my life. If you have read the very start of this blog you will see that one of my goals it to have a wife and a boat. Today was the first time when the two of us have worked together on the dinghy AND she liked it. It was really fun for the two of us to work on the boat together, real fun. Now I know how Judy and Tom feel. Its good to have a sidekick (both ways).

Anyway, Have a look at th enewly layed out Dinghy page and its sub pages…

See you soon.

Mick AND Trace


Tidy up of the blog.

I have tidied up the layout of the pages on the blog. This home page will still have the latest announcements. The DH550 now has all the info on the DH550 and the build. I have discovered how to do sub pages so when you scroll over the page tab you will see the pages that I have created on various aspects of the DH550. The Dinghy page is still a bit of a mess but I will get to tidy that up some time. And the Pre-Work page contains all the pre work done before I choose to go with the DH550. It contains musings about masts, various designs, and other stuff.