1 – Project Management

Given I am a professional project manager I hope this area is well populated! And hopefully will be of use to many home builders. The trick I have found with Project Management is that it is horses for courses…that is there is no one size fits all in PM.
The main goal of PM is to deliver a specified result within the given Budget, Time and Quality. In the case of Ashling this is important too but different from other projects because it is a home project and I have to prioritise the three attributes. There is an old saying about making something. You can have it …CHEAP, FAST and High QUALITY but you can only have two of these attributes.

My concious decision is that I am going to have High Quality and CHeap(er) but it will be SLOW!!

Why do project management for a DIY job?
In my opinion it makes sense to invest some thought time to any job, be it the 2 minutes you take to think about how you are going to saw a particular shape out of a sheet of timber to the hours spent thinking of how you are going t obuild a million dollar boat. I honestly think it makes financial sense. Secondly I also like to know where I am in terms of progress and if I dont have an overall plan then I am guessing at best.

What am I going to do in Project Management?
Well the first thing any project needs is a project plan and the first step for that is the Work Breakdown Structure or WBS. I can see some of you nodding off at this stage. Stick with me…this might save you money and frustration.
The WBS is at the VERY HEART of your plan. it contimues to grow during the progress of the project and is the catalyst for understanding the impact of chages in design, materials, etc

THE WBS…what is it?
Think of a list of all the activities and systems and equipment involved in the building of the project. AT this stage I want to tell you about a wonderful thing called the SCWBS (or the small craft work breakdown structure). Someone else has done the work for you and developed WBS’s for building all kinds of ships…from full on oil tankers to small craft like Ashling. I have taken this SCWBS and created the WBS for Ashling.

Ashling WBS – V1.01

Note this file will change regularly so check it out for changes if you are using it for your work.

Focusing on the WBS sheet in the file I will walk you through the structure.
To be continued..need to go somewhere… 4/4/2012

Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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