The Dinghy Plans arrived…

The Dudley Dix Argie 15 plans have arrived and I have bought the 6 sheets of ply required. This weekend I will start the lofting, well its not really lofting from a table, its more copying ddimensions off a drawing. Dudley has made a very clear set of plans and I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty with wood.

Will post pictures int he Dinghy page when I have them.


And with change comes change…

Well, I have had an interresting few weeks. Whats’ the old Chinese curse??…”may you live in interesting times”…well its certainly been interesting…
Leaving a job after 21 years…and not sure how to feel. The place has changed so much or more importantly the people have changed so much. In the area I’m in there are three of us left out of about 20. All the people being replaced are coming in from “outside” the group and basically the group is no longer. So how do I feel…well I was angry but that is mostly gone. I was sad but that is mostly changed to pity. I actually pity those being left behind. And I say that…”left behind” because I really think it is a backward step to stay. I am ready to move on and say the many goodbyes that will need to be said.
This change is a chance to take stock. I will not be returning to the same type of job. I have decided to go contracting for a few years. Yes a less stable income but also more changes to do other things. Maybe even things I like. So that is where most of my effort is going at the moment. I am trying to work out the details of the next few years work, what, with who, how, when, etc. And believe me…its not easy.

So what does all this mean to Ashling II. Well with change comes change. I ahve had a good hard look at boats and building methods and costs and outcomes. I have decided to build in plywood. this is a big departure from my resin infusion intention, a big departure. However there are a number of reasons for the decision. Cost is the primary one. Second is the modular nature of the plywood parts, third is the need to spread this boat build out over many years while wanting to minimise the time spend renting a shed.
The other thing I have decided to do is to build a dinghy in plywood to practice the ply technique. I ahve bought plans off Dudley Dix for the Argie 15 and intend to build that in my daughters back shed. This way it minimises the problems at home with moving cars in and out of the garage.
Regarding the model. I was building th emodel to get a feel for the design I was developing with Tennant Design. Given I will not be going to the large cat in the short term I have told Tony at Tennant that I will not be persuing the design. However there is a readymade design that I like that is also in Plywood. Its the DH550 by Dudley Dix. I have the study plans for that and will build a model based on that design and more importantly that technique. Between the model and the dinghy I willbe kept busy for a while to come. Will rehash the site to suit this new need.

So thats it for now. As you can see there is a lot of change occuring and in life we have to be flexible to the changes. We have friends who are dealing with cancer at the moment so it gives a great perspective to just how tiny our problems are relative to life under threat. And on that…Keep fighting Ron.

OK, bye for now.


Looking for a job…

Well this job hunting is hard work!! Writuing my Resume was never my strong point adn I haven’t used one for a long long time. Anyway just another challenge to be met and surmounted.

In the meantime the model has been slowed down due to the complexity of the stern shape. Its been a bugger to do without drawings and I have put it to one side and got on with other bits. The model tab up the top will show you the progress.

So long until next post.