3 – Stitching

27 January 2012
Its been a long long time between posts. Lifes twists and turns have created l9ots of challenges. But I escape to my build as often as I can. I have posted new photos above and will talk through some of the learnings.

First…I bought copper wire that is 1.2mm thic, the plans specify 1.5 to 2mm. I am/was having a lot of breakage of wires while pulling panels together. Recommend that you use 2mm copper if you can get it.
Second. The back of the hull at the transom is different to what I thought it would be. There were 4 relatively large triangles of timber to cut off. I dont know if it was my building or this is normal but it confused me for a while. All the pieces fit so neatly together that the back end lack of fit surprised me. I have some photos above of the fitting before the cut.
Third. The triangle at the front of th eboat where the bottom and two lower side panels meet is a PAIN. I am still struggling to fit it tightly. Very annoying. I have included a photo above of the remaining gap.
Fourth. I cheated and built a temp bulkhead out of 25mm MDF to put in to give the boat a better shape before fibreglassing. Dudley suggests you put in the front seat to shape it up as the epoxy I am using is stiffer than the polyester that the boat specified.

So thats the latest. Currently I have the aft 2/3s completed stitching wise and the joints closed to a point that they are ready for expoxy. I am still working on the front 1/3 joints to pull them in right.

OK…thats it for now.


First panel stitched

Attaching the first lower hull side to the bottom

Both lower hullsides attached

the bow takes shape

Starting the upper hull side piece

Lovely smooth bow curves...nice

The starboard upper side attached


Beginning to take shape

Starboard lower and starting port lower panel


The Build Progresses

Pesky bow area

Lower to upper side joint

The extra timber port transom

Surprised me how much scrap was needed to be cut off at the stern

Stern view of hull progress


Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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