2 – The Design

I chose the DH550 after exhaustive pre-work and a lot of research. I am really happy with the design and with some minor changes will be exactly what I want.

The DH550 cruising catamaran started life as a design commission received by Dudley Dix from catamaran builder Philip Harvey. Phil was cruising with his family and wanted to move up to a larger boat. Dudley had too much work in progress to be able to take on the new design so the two agreed a cooperative basis to do the design between them. Dudley brings 30 years of design and boatbuilding experience into the project and Phil brings 15 years of professional boatbuilding and catamaran experience. Between them they have produced a cruising catamaran with striking good looks and high-performance potential.

Have a look HERE for more details.

The changes referred to above are in the areas of propulsion and layout.

I am adding a seperate page on propulsion which will go into more details but as it stands today I will be going electric propulsion with a serial hybrid design.

From a layout perspective the primary changes are in terms of an owners hull post and the two berth layout on the starboard. In addition the current starboard head arrangements are not ideal for me so I am changing them.

Some of these changes have been enspired by a sistership called Cheetah over in the carribean, it went electric AND has the owners hull…a beautifully built boat…the nicest I ahve seen. Heres the link.

Here is an image from that site showing the owners hull that I like.
The post hull owners layout plus electric propulsion

As I mentioned I am going electric propulsion which will require a genset and I intend to lever this fact to load the boat with electrical confort.

Previously I was toying with a different rig, an aft rig, and although I like the concept I have to admit that I am concern about resale value with an “unusual” rig. So I am going with the standard bermuda style rig

All the rest of the design is straight forward, the set of plans are excellent and I cannot see any particularly difficult construction points yet.


Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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