Mast & Rigging

19 October 2011.
Well given the changes I will probable be going with a straight forward mast and rig setup. It will cost a lot less than anythign out of the ordinary so the info below is now out of date from Ashling II’s viewpoint.

May 2011
I have been doing a lot of research on free standing masts and biplane rigs. There is a little info out there but not alot. The aerorig type arrangement looks interesting too. They all aim to make sailing easier that’s what I am aiming for too. So still researching the type of rig I will use.

This page is to capture all the discussions regarding the aft mast concept and how it might apply to Ashling II.

August 2011

Have been having some great chats to Rob D Regarding unstayed masts. The idea first came up on teh Scrumble Project a while ago and then during conversations with Jeff Schionning he mentioned some of his boats having biplane mast rigs. Again, simplicity seems to be the key and I like that. Unstayed means less standing rigging and the config means less running rigging. Yes, it seems to be something with potential. Its actually hard to get much web info on biplane rigs (usually find lots of Red Baron type plane info) but one source is HarryProa. That has been useful. Most of the forums seem to miss out on the info. Here’s a site…

Currently a guesstimate of rig budget is around $75~80K. Which is hard to tell if that is much over the “normal” rig??? Dont know.

There is another version called a freewing which I think is patented etc so might be out of he question for a home build.

Anyway, that is where we are up to.


Hi, you are welcome to comment and I'm looking forward to reading it. Regards Mick

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