Bob Oram…

So now you understand why I chose to build rather than buy…well I hope one of us does ;))

My adventure continued with me researching the various building methods and designers out there. And this is where I met Bob Oram. Before I speak about Bob I think its well worth mentioning the SCRUMBLE PROJECT. This is a fantastic cat build blog that shows in excuisite detail the creation of a catamaran through using Duflex panels. This is probably the blog that has most affected me in terms of choices in building. Well done Judy and Tom.

Now back to Bob Oram. After I researched a whole lot of boat designers I seemed to settle on Bob. I found more info on his designes and people who built with im than any of the other designers. There are many many nice designs out there but Bob’s stood out when I looked into them more and more. One of the critical factors was that everyone that I spoke to about Bob and his boats (people who built themselves, people who owned one, builders who built them) they all had a good word to say about Bob. You cant buy that kind of feedback. And then I started an email conversation with him. Talk about co-operative and patience! He slowly worked with me sketch after sketch until I understood the key factors with design and specifically the design of his boats. If anyone is considering Bob’s designs I strongly recommend you understand Bob’s minimalist pholosophy. This pervades his design and he is true to this philosophy throughout.
Ultimately Bob’s designs do exactly what he says, they sail very well, relatively fast, things are kept to a minimum and functional.
And this is where it came off the rails a bit for me. When I started to really understand the boats in design I started to realise that Bob designed the “off road camper” of the cat world, just my way of expressing it. His boats were solid but did not have any fluffy bits because they are not useful when it came to the function this boat was designed for. Minimise weight by using less materials, less flooring panels for example. When I examined my wants, I want a bit of flounce!! Terrible word but I am trying to think of a better word. Flounce for me is that extra bt of comfort level that means having some things that are not functional but comfortable. No…Bob Orams are not uncomfortable…thats not what I am trying to say, they are just minimalist.
In the last post I inserted some sketches which give you an idea of what I was doing with the 48C catamaran design. its a lovely boat, from my calcs allow about $00k to $50k to get to the on the water stage.

So that was my flirt with Bob Oram’s design…wonderful designs, wonderful person. You neven know on this journey, I might be back around again to work on a compromise design.

Right now I am looking at the Malcolm Tennant VEGA design.

See you next blog.


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